Cooking out; working out

Design dynamics in grills and tools. What’s cooking?

The Genesis Perma-Mount (TM) gas barbecue brings Flavorizers to outdoor cooking. The Flavorizer system replaces old-fashioned lava rock or pumice stone with angled bars. These bars direct cooking fats away from the meat, while vaporizing juices and drippings for real barbecue flavor.

Three individually controlled burners light quickly with the touch of a button for direct searing or indirect slow roasting.

The unit’s stainless-steel gas-supply lines are hidden below the grill’s storage area that is enclosed with tempered-glass doors.

The grill is easy to assemble and install on a deck or patio or over the stump of a cut-off post-mount unit, according to Weber-Stephen Products Co.

Designing-in safety

Good design makes safety the centerpiece for gas grills from Ducane Co.

Take materials. Hoods and fireboxes are of all aluminum, with no viewing windows that can crack or shatter. Heavy-steel cabinetry stays stable.

Vis-U-Glo* safety system tells the user if the grill is lit, even in the brightest sunlight. Each grill is factory fire-tested.

Rotis-A Grate burner, which sears in juices with no flareups, allows the user to leave the grill unattended while rotissing.

Sure-grip handles are side mounted to keep arms clear of the cooking surface and heat when opening the grill.

Hansen Gas-Mate II safety plug snaps the gas line into the tank. No tools. No poor connections that can cause gas leaks. Quick disconnect is also available in natural gas.

Top-Ported burners give each burner its own lighter. No gas crosses over from one burner to another. Cordless power

A high-powered line of yard and garden grooming tools includes a trimmer/weeder, hedge trimmer and power blower. A hand-held variable-focus spotlight is part of the line from Toro Home Improvement Division.

The cordless products deliver at least 40 percent more power than any other cordless tools, according to Rob Beachy, marketing manager.

“We were very serious about performance when we designed the line,” says Beachy. “For example, the cutting speed on the cordless trimmer/weeder matches the speed on many gas-powered trimmers. It easily outperforms most of the corded products now on the market. “

The line is powered by a heavy-duty power pack. The tools plug into the pack through a standard cigarette-lighter connector. Any equipment capable of hooking into a car cigarette lighter can be run off the power pack, including stereos and vacuums.

The power pack is encased in a soft and flexible nylon-carrying case which can be adjusted and worn over the shoulder or on the chest, back or belt for maximum operator comfort. The pack weighs less than 7 lbs. and recharges overnight.

“This is the largest and most powerful battery you’ll find with cordless power equipment,” says Beachy. “It even has the power to run two of our competitor’s cordless power tools simultaneously.”

Another example of power is running time. With a single charge, Beachy says, consumers can:

  • Trim around an entire football field with the trimmer/weeder.
  • Manicure a 40-ft.-Iong hedge with the hedge trimmer.
  • Clear 60 ft. of sidewalk with the power blower.
  • Then use the halogen BriteLite to find all the tools left in the yard after dark.

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